Bike Clubs

Momentum Bike Clubs partners with local communities and schools to form and manage bike clubs.

The local partner brings knowledge of the community and potential youth participants. A demonstrated need in the community must also be established by the local partner. Momentum Bike Clubs currently facilitates the following youth bicycle clubs:

Momentum Challenge

The Momentum Challenge Bike Club was started in Fall 2012 as a central organizational unit by Momentum Bike Clubs to provide additional opportunities and challenges beyond our local partner clubs. This club seeks to provide a path for enrichment and growth in cycling and mentoring relationships, and utilizes full road cycling equipment over greater distances and speeds. The club is geographically situated in Greenville, SC and often rides in the mountains and quiet back country of north Greenville County, having scaled multiple well known climbs and participated in many organized cycling events. This club embodies the ethos of Momentum with healthy living and healthy relationships resulting in the overcoming of obstacles on the road and in lives.

  • School Based Clubs

    Berea Middle School- (2012)
    Rides Tuesday’s 3:30-5:30 PM.
    Lead Mentor: Matt Barron

    Lakeview Middle School- (2013)
    Rides Monday’s 3:45-5:30 PM.
    Lead Mentor: Jennifer Hull

    Legacy Charter School- (2014)
    Rides Wednesday’s 4:00-5:30 PM.
    Lead Mentor: Cristina Lindsey

    Northwest Middle School- (2015)
    Rides Thursdays 4:00-5:30 PM.
    Lead Mentor: Claire Vanostenbridge

  • Community Based Clubs

    Sterling- (2010)
    Working to re-launch this site.

    Sullivan Street- (2015)
    Working to re-launch this site.
    Lead Mentor: Denise Thompson

    Nicholtown- (2012)
    Rides Thursday’s 4:30-6:00 PM.
    Lead Mentor: Elise Nichols

    Phyllis Wheatley- (2014)
    Rides Thursday’s 4:00-5:30 PM.
    Lead Mentors: Clemson Nursing students.

    Challenge Team- (2013)
    Rides Saturdays during the school year
    and multiple times a week during the summer.
    Lead Mentor: David Taylor